Creating new energy solutions through smart collaboration

Together with our associates from industry and academia, we accelerate energy transition through a unique combination of science, technology and access to market expertise.

Introducing EDGE

EDGE is a new product for EV charging in residential buildings, designed to boost the business of utilities, multifamily charging stations operators, eMobility software platforms, residential buildings’ managers and others.

EDGE is a smart hardware solution powered by a versatile cloud platform that i) enables the acceleration of sales and installation process by solving the main operational blockers for a fast rollout and ii) unlocks new business options for EV charging providers.

About Us


Smart Energy LAB is an organization for developing any new product, service, or process that accelerates the business of companies offering New Energy Downstream solutions.

We do it by combining three levers of acceleration of the end-user energy transition – Client adoption, Transactional cost reduction and Technology adaptation for delivery – and boosting a highly qualified team with competencies in Business, Customer Experience and Technology.

Together with our stakeholders from industry and academia, we accelerate energy transition through a unique combination of science, technology, and access to market expertise. Smart Energy Lab has been investing and solving problems for energy companies in three focus areas: EV charging, EMS to implement complex use cases and flexibility offerings.

Our team acts on the new downstream verticals with the following
core-competence horizontals

Our Services

At Smart Energy Lab, we have the capability of developing new solutions with an end-to-end process focused on accelerated outcome delivery.

Our customer-centric vision, focus on application and understanding of the sector, allow us to target existing pain-points and barriers to the development of the new downstream.

We accelerate and deliver

Focus Areas

Living Lab

Our Smart Energy LAB Living Lab can accelerate smart energy solutions from idea to impact with real users (our smart energy living lab can accelerate …. your solutions)

Tap into our pool of existing homes and buildings to validate your energy solutions with real users in real-life context. Learn how users can get the most of your products and services and make energy efficiency accessible to as many people as possible.



If you want to be part of the new decade on energy revolution, at Smart Energy LAB you will have the opportunity to have a real impact through new products and services that will contribute to energy transition, focusing on the 3Ds (Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization).

You will be part of a team that combines science, technology and market expertise in the energy sector that discovers, develops, launches and operates new energy solutions.