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Creating new energy solutions through smart collaboration

Creating new energy solutions through smart collaboration

Smart Energy LAB is an organization for developing any new product, service, or process that accelerates the business of companies offering New Energy Downstream solutions.

We do it by combining three levers of acceleration of the end-user energy transition – Client adoption, Transactional cost reduction and Technology adaptation for delivery – and boosting a highly qualified team with competencies in Business, Customer Experience and Technology.

Together with our stakeholders from industry and academia, we accelerate energy transition through a unique combination of science, technology, and access to market expertise. Smart Energy Lab has been investing and solving problems for energy companies in three focus areas: EV charging, EMS to implement complex use cases and flexibility offerings.

Lines of action

Accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of new solutions focused on the new energy downstream through Own IP Investment, R&D Structural Funds and Feature Acceleration.
Own IP Investment

Own IP Investment

Initiatives focused on key trends, that will be developed end to end inside SEL according to the lean start up methodology.
R&D Structural Funds

R&D Structural Funds

R&D projects that have a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) with SEL acting as a partner for development.

Feature Acceleration

Feature Acceleration

To develop specialized consulting or specific features with SEL providing delivery support.

Smart Energy Lab delivers to any B2B2X and is contributing to the fast-paced innovation focused on the 3 D’s in the following domains that shape the New Energy Downstream:

New Energy Downstream

Mission, Vision
and Values


Energy is all around us in our daily life. Contributing for energy transition towards a less carbon intensive economy brings responsibility and meaning to our activities in order to create economic and social value.

    “We are a green dream factory that will make tomorrow possible, improving life for everyone with new energy solutions through smart collaboration.”


    “To be an international reference on new energy downstream solutions.”


    We are driven by innovation, continuously learning and improving to create a better future

    We are committed with a more sustainable world, joining technology and user adoption

    We work to have an impact to society, accelerating energy transition

Collaborative Laboratory

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia is co-responsible with ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação, for the process of recognition and attribution of the Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB) title and follow up on funding and operation. Detailed information about public funding can be found here.

CoLABs are part of the National Scientific and Technological System contributing to implement research and innovation agendas geared at creating economic and social value by fostering the consolidation of collaborative practices between scientific, technological or higher education institutions and the social and economic fabric.

Collaborative Laboratory