Consortiums for Public Funding

Joining forces to accelerate Energy Transition

We have the skills, knowledge and access to stakeholders to create and manage successful R&D consortiums.

As a collaborative laboratory, we have access to the industrial and academia ecosystem and the team to accelerate Technological Readiness Levels (TRL) towards market adoption.

Smart Energy LAB, together with our associates can be your partner to manage everything related with consortium creation, proposal application and project operation.

Participating in projects together with our associates and external entities is part of the DNA of a Collaborative Laboratory.

Smart Energy LAB and our associates have complementary competences and experience on more than 120 competitive funding projects awarded in the last decade.

As part of a consortium, we add value by:

Designing use cases and identifying sites for successful pilots

Technological delivery

Operating and monitoring use cases and technology

Increasing user adoption

Our Smart Energy LAB Living Lab can accelerate smart energy solutions from idea to impact with real users (our smart energy living lab can accelerate …. your solutions).
Tap into our pool of existing homes and buildings to validate your energy solutions with real users in real-life context.

Learn how users can get the most of your products and services and make energy efficiency accessible to as many people as possible.